The Association

We are the first guild that represents, promotes and defends the interests of sailing, tourist, cultural, recreational and sports industry in Colombia.

Our main goal is to raise awareness of the importance of the nautical for the sustainable development of the Colombian coast, and promote and support the projects development on the nautical industry.

For it:

  • We collect, analyze and distribute information related with the nautical industry.
  • We provide information of the boating industry to national and international media.
  • We produce and support sports and exhibition events around the nautical industry.
  • We promote business opportunities between our partners.
  • We work in order to become a consultant of the State Agency in its national and territorial orders.
  • We promote State policies deemed appropriate for the development and sustainability of the boating industry.
  • We look forward to promote research, studies and other similarities, and propose solutions to the problems related to the nautical industry.
  • As well as join or be associated with national or international bodies related to tourism and coordinate with them the tourist Exchange.


The creation of a non-profit association representing nautical sector arises due to the circumstance that there isn´t an official entity in a very important moment, where as a country there are many opportunities:

The privileged geographic location below the hurricane belt.

The comparative advantage that the Colombian coasts have to develop nautical projects.

The potential market of developing the nautical tourism.

The great contributions of developing the nautical industry: employment generation and investment opportunities, among others.


Based on the above, and on the initiative of leaders from the Caribbean region, the figure of the Colombian nautical tourism corridor is created, which embodied their goals as the CONPES 3110 April 19, 2001, and it recommends action Struts to give the first steps aimed to develop the nautical tourism in Colombia, as a way to contribute to the social, economic and sustainable development of the poorest areas of the country, such as its coastlines.

Likewise, in 2014, it was accomplished the publication of the first Colombian nautical tourist guide, this document contains all the necessary tools to navigate in the Colombian coast.

That same year, with the support of the Cartagena´s commerce Chamber, it was develop the competitive route methodology in the nautical Sector, resulting in Cartagena Nautica, initiative that allowed the union of all the actors in the cluster and the identification of the best ways to increase their competitiveness in the national and international market.

Finally, and with a view to materialize and unify all the effort of the different actors in the nautical sector, on February 12, 2015 it was held the official constitution event with the participation of more than 50 members, who chose their representatives to form the directors board and formalize the creation of the nautical Association of Colombia trough a founding certificate document.


Action Plan

The Asonautica efforts in a short and medium term are: work for the progress of the nautical sector in Colombia, being a voice before entities such as DIAN, DIMAR and State, foster and promote nautical tourism, and as a main goal, make a joint effort for the submission of a draft law that specifically governs Colombia´s nautical activity, to promote, encourage and make competitive this sector, which is the largest employment generator and investment opportunities.

To do this, and thanks to the work developed in conjunction with Cartagena´s Commerce Chamber for the creation and consolidation of the competitive Cartagena nautical route, the real needs of the sector were identified and defined the following 4 lines of action on which we will work to make more profitable and sustainable the nautical sector:

Nautical tourism law




Work Team

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ANTONELLA FARAH – Executive director

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GISELLA AMÍN – Financial Advisor