Affiliation Categories

The nautical sector has different key factors along different products and services that allow its operation. To optimize quality service, the Colombia´s nautical association divided its members into 4 broad categories in the following way:

Marinas, nautical clubs and sports docks:

– Marinas

– Nautical clubs

– Installed, developed and to be develop sports docks

Shipyards, distributors, boat brokers and nautical service providers:

– Manufacturers

– Distributors and dealers of nautical vessels

 – Service Providers nautical industry.

Water sports and nautical tourism services providers:

– Repair, maintenance, supplies and related services.

– Supply of pilot or patterns.

– Training and education.

– Hotels.

– Sports schools.

– Restaurants, among others.

Adherent associate:

– Navegantes.

– Athletes.

– Boat owners.

– Promoters and supporters of nautics.


Being a member of Colombia´s nautical association will allow you to receive the following benefits:

  • Representation and mediation with the government to defend the rights of the nautical industry.
  • Mediation in struts associated matters to institutions and agencies.
  • Development information concerning the industry.
  • Website with complete and practical information on industry´s rules and regulations.
  • Card and associated certificate.
  • Virtual Directory.
  • Discounts for associated using a valid card.
  • Affiliates pages linked with the Asonautica website.
  • Discounts on training events.
  • Nautical news bulletin.


To enroll you must do the following steps:


Check in the document AFFILIATION REQUIREMENTS APPLICATION, the type of membership you want to apply. As well verify the value of the affiliation and maintenance as an affiliate fee.


Download, fill out and deliver the APPLICATION FORM to the executive direction, who will put to be consider your admission to the Board of Directors. This form must be accompanied by all the required documents and must be duly completed and signed. You can download the application form here.


The results will be presented in a maximum 8 days period to respond your request.


In case of any question or concern please contact us at:


Affiliate: in this space you will find all the documents and resources you need: Asonáutica solicitud afiliacion ingles

Spanish membership form

English membership form

Spanish membership application

English membership application

Memberships and Agreements


ICOMIA International Council of Marine Industry Associations.

It´s the international association representing the world marine industry since 1966. Its headquarters it´s in the United Kingdom, features more than 35 associations around the world, in countries such as United States, Japan, China, New Zealand and now Colombia.


Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar

Rules and Regulations

In this area you will find all documents that correspond to the rules and regulations: